Privacy Policies – プライバシー規約 – 利用規約

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The Portal Mie KK will manage with extreme care the personal information of the website users, the information of the companies that use our recruitment system and the personal data of the employees of the companies in connection with the provision of data for hiring through our candidate submission system and website administration.

Protecting personal data is a priority in our business model, and we recognize the importance of social responsibility in securely managing this information and using it appropriately. To fulfill this responsibility, we have defined the following personal data protection guidelines and privacy policies, and our employees and directors are committed to protecting and managing personal data in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Administration of personal data

We have a protection and management system with strict rules on the proper use and collection of personal information, and we will respect all these rules.

  • Provision of personal data

In each job hiring, there are contact forms that are sent directly to the hiring company, and we do not share this information with others under any circumstances. When submitting the data through the form, the visitor allows the sharing of this data with the advertising company of the page where the form was. We will only provide the personal data to the company that advertises the contract where the form was displayed.

  • Security measures regarding personal data

We will provide appropriate security measures to reduce the risk of improper access, damage, loss and falsification of the personal data obtained. In the event of a related issue, we will work to minimize the damage and promptly implement measures to correct the issue.

  • Compliance with laws

We will comply with laws regarding the use of personal data, guidelines stipulated by Japan and other internal data protection regulations.

  • Improvement of the personal data management system

In order to preserve personal data, we will constantly evaluate the personal data management system and will work to constantly improve it.

  • Cookies

Jobs Online does not use cookies to identify website visitors. But the internet browser used to access the website can store information to facilitate navigation at other times, such as filling out forms. But Jobs Online does not use cookies for identification. Occasionally, data from other companies may be displayed, such as Facebook and Twitter buttons, check their cookie policy directly on their pages.

Definition of personal data

We define personal data as written information about the user that can identify the user, for example: name, address, telephone number, email address, etc. And, even if it is not possible to identify you through this information, other data collected that, if combined, could end up identifying the user, will be defined as personal data.



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