Jobs Online – An Online System To Meet The New Age Needs!

Jobs Online is a Portal Mie KK project aimed at advertising job hirings for foreigners in Japan. The system is completely online (our company is 100% digital) and visitors can check job advertisements for free and send their applications to the respective companies.

JobsOnline was created in 2014, initially as the Portal Mie Jobs, and became Jobs Online in 2016. With thousands of views every day, Jobs Online has already connected employees with companies in almost every prefecture in Japan. All the companies registered on the system are verified and the hiring announcements are always up to date.

The jobs are divided into jobs by prefecture in Japan, jobs by job type and archived within the pages of the advertising companies (contractors). Each job hiring contains telephone numbers and contact forms for the company.

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JobsOnline is the solution to meet the needs of the dynamic market existing in Japan. Companies that have joined the system are having excellent return on investment. Urgent contracts, regardless of the region, are being dealt with satisfactorily.

Initially, it was developed only in Portuguese, but it already has an English version in addition to the iShigoto system so that your company can recruit, select and hire people of different nationalities and different forms.


Continuous improvement, fast customer service (real-time) and connecting candidates and hiring companies.


Make life easier for visiting Internet users and advertisers, so that the opportunity is the same for everyone.


Honesty, transparency, agility and win-win mentality.

Based on this mentality, we want to offer what is most economical, practical and that presents effective results within the agility required by constant market changes. The right place to post your jobs is on

To advertise your job hirings is very simple.

Get in touch with our team and we will send you all the information! Your company will have its job hirings published simultaneously on social networks and search engines such as Facebook, Google, among others.

Can you imagine the visibility, agility and the return this will bring to the company?

Each plan has a limit number of job hirigs publications. However, whenever necessary, our technical team will be available to help your company achieve the best results.

From the point of view of the internet users or visitors, they have the opportunity to search for jobs classified by type (ex.: welding, auto parts, electronics, etc.) and by region, easily and quickly. So companies have the best results with excellent cost-benefit.

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