Jobs in Japan - Shiga (Shiga-ken). Job hirings for factories and companies in general. Vacancies by city in the province. In each vacancy there are contact forms.

About Shiga Prefecture (Shiga-ken)

Located in the Kinki region, Shiga is well known for the Biwako, Japan's largest lake, which was formed about 4.4 million years ago. Biwako has an extremely large influence in the province, and residents and local governments themselves are engaged in carrying out policies in favor of the environment.

Shiga is an agricultural province that supports the Osaka and Kyoto metropolitan areas. Shiga is also known as an industrial province whose main product is medicines. Shiga's economy revolves widely among local small and medium-sized businesses, and recently the government is investing in the development of clean energy and the production of medicines and medical equipment.

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