Jobs in Japan - Mie (Mie-ken). Job hirings for factories and companies in general. Vacancies by city in the province. In each vacancy there are contact forms.

About Mie Prefecture (Mie-ken)

Located in the Kinki region, Mie has a rich nature and high agricultural and fish productions. Since the Edo era, the province has invested in tourism mainly in the cities of Ise, Suzuka and Kuwana. It is nationally known for the Ise Jingu, the most important shrine in Japanese mythology, the ninjas of the Iga Style, the Nagashima Resourt, where Nagashima Spaland and Nabana no Sato are located, and the Suzuka Circuit, which hosts F-1 and F-1 races. other modalities since the Edo era.

Mie is the ninth largest exporter of industrial products, and is home to important industries, such as Honda's factories in Suzuka, Toyota, in Inave, as well as the oil refinery in Yokkaichi, a city with the largest industrial production in the province.


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